California Bill Puts Limits on CLEAR Expansion at Airports

A California bill aimed at regulating airport security screening took a step forward, but not without changes. Originally, the bill sought to ban companies like CLEAR from operating, but now it focuses on limiting CLEAR’s expansion to new airports until they create dedicated security lanes.

The proposal passed the state Senate Transportation Committee with an 8-4 vote, showing a heated debate among lawmakers. Senator Josh Newman, who introduced the bill, reluctantly accepted the amendments to keep it moving forward.

While the bill has support from flight attendants and TSA agents’ unions, it faces opposition from major airlines, the California Airports Council, and other business interests. Senator Monique Limón stressed the importance of thoughtful policy discussions beyond just line-cutting issues.

However, some, like Senator Bill Dodd, are frustrated, claiming safety concerns are exaggerated and the bill interferes with TSA decisions.

The bill still needs approval from the full Senate and Assembly before it can reach Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. This ongoing debate highlights the challenge of balancing security, industry interests, and regulations in airport screening.

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