Beeman Trophy Going Over to Pinkerton This Spring

Thanks to several of its teams’ successes against Londonderry High School squads late last week, Pinkerton Academy will be getting the Beeman Trophy back.

Heading into varsity baseball, softball, and girls’ lacrosse matches between the Pinkerton and Londonderry crews last Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10, Londonderry High had the inside track on keeping the spring Beeman Trophy for another year, thanks to its wins in boys’ and girls’ tennis and girls’ track and field. Those victories gave the Lancers a 3-2 lead in the head-to-head competition between the rival schools.

But the academy’s baseball and softball teams both notched wins over their LHS rivals last Friday and the PA girls’ lacrosse team followed up with a win over the Lady Lancers the next day to hand Pinkerton a 5-3 lead in the Beeman competition.

And now, as only one Beeman contest between the schools remains to be played (boys’ lacrosse at LHS on May 22), the academy is assured of at least a 5-4 victory in Beeman competition.

The Beeman Trophy Games – which are an extension of the Mack Plaque Games between the fall varsity sports teams at LHS and Pinkerton Academy begun in 1983 – are played by the spring varsity sports teams at the schools each year. They are named for former PA and LHS coach Mike Beeman.