Astro Gridders Looking to Defend Their Division I Crown

The old saying goes that “Pinkerton Academy football doesn’t rebuild, it just reloads.” And folks who follow New Hampshire Division I football will be interested to see if that’s the case again this autumn after PA coach Brian O’Reilly’s 2014 gridders tallied an undefeated championship season last fall.

Seventeen seniors graduated from that contingent this past spring, and the Astro bunch took the biggest hits on the offensive and defensive lines.

Eleven of those 17 grads played on one or both of those lines, including stalwarts like Noah Robison, Justin Poitras, Markaveus Barnes, and Bryson Pacocha. So line play – especially if the Astros can’t stay away from the injury bug – will figure big in the defending champs’ plans this autumn, as will the performances of star senior running back T.J. Urbanik, who will also play in the defensive backfield and serve as a tri-captain with fellow 12th graders and returning starters Mike Curley (running back/linebacker)and Kaelan Queiros (lineman).

“Our strengths are our experience in our offensive and defensive backfields, and our weaknesses are depth on the offensive and defensive lines,” said the coach of his 2015 troop. He is entering his 38th season as PA grid coach with a career record of 272-106 and 11 stats championship.

Along with the tri-captains, the Astros’ returning starters from the championship team include seniors Kyle Cantalupo (kicker), Darius St. Germain (lineman), Joey Lydick (guard/ linebacker), Brett Dattilo (running back/defensive back), and Tyler Gendron (quarterback/defensive back). The junior returning starters include offensive and defensive backs Nick Coombs and Nico Buccieri.

The rest of the academy contingent’s seniors are James Tulley (RB/DB); Patrick Chamberlain (line); David Pariseau (line); Matt Allard (G/LB); Trystan Brown (end); Evan Boisse (end); Brandyn McColligan (back); Mark Regan (split end/DB); Tyler Seccareccio (end); William Gibbons (line), and Greg Gesel (SE/DB).

The champions’ juniors include Ryan Albrecht (quarterback/DB); Christian Gendreau (line); Nick Acciard (line); Adam Morin (RB/ LB); Ryan Philibotte (end); Kyle Hajj (SE/DB); Trevor Hajj (SE/DB); Nathan Barnhart(SE/DB); Ben Sayward (RB/LB); Michael Faragi (RB/LB); Jacob Minassian (RB/DB); Robert King (center/LB); Ben Robertson (line); Austin Fields (line); Caleb Gibbons (line); Dylan Fischer (line), and Matt Payan (SE/DB).

Sophomores include Matt Newman (back); Kayden Baillargeon (SE/DB); Terrell Hicks (back); Ty Hicks (QB/DB); Tyler Behsman (SE/DB); Jared Collins (G/LB); Jacob Bourassa (line); Austin Trammell (line); Jacob Northrup (line); Josh Ladipo (SE/DB); Ethan Poole (line); Josh McCormack (line); Austin Penland (SE/DB); Mark Hayward (QB/DB); Jadyn Ruimwijk (SE/DB); Kaycee Scheibert (back); Alex Smith (SE/DB); Travis Briggs (SE/DB), and John Robinson (SE/DB).

The defending champions get their 2015 campaign rolling on the evening of Sept. 4 by playing host to the Red Raiders of Rochester’s Spaulding High School.