A Small Texas Town is Suddenly the Second-ranked Murder Capital in State

People know San Antonio for its long history and lively culture, but lately the city has been in the news for a much darker reason. It used to be a friendly and welcoming place, but now it’s the second-most murderous city in Texas. This shocking and worrying change has made the people who live there feel scared and uneasy.

What is the Murder Rate in San Antonio Right Now?

There have been a lot more murders in San Antonio recently, which is one reason why the city is now the second-most murderous in Texas. As of the most recent figures, overall crime in San Antonio has gone up by almost 12% since October of last year compared to the same time last year. Homicides have gone up by 67%. As of September of the most recent reporting year, 195 murders had happened in the city, which is about 13 murders for every 100,000 people.

Several things have been blamed for this rise in violent crime, such as drug use, gang action, and personal arguments. The exact murder rate for the most recent period may be a little different depending on when the FBI releases their final numbers, but the trend shows that there are more murders in San Antonio, which is a bad sign.

What is the Murder Rate in San Antonio Compared to Other Texas Cities?

With only 10.5 murders per 100,000 people in 2021, San Antonio still has one of the lowest murder rates of all the big towns in Texas. In 2021, 19.8 murders for every 100,000 people lived in Houston, making it the most violent big city in Texas. Dallas and Fort Worth were next, with 18.2 murders for every 100,000 people each.

This was not the case in Austin, where the rate was only 7.8 per 100,000 people. Even though San Antonio’s murder rate has been going up over the last few years, it is still lower than the rates in other big Texas towns.

What Are Some of the Things That Make San Antonio’s Murder Rate So High?

There are a lot of murders in San Antonio because people are doing dangerous things that lead to fights, fighting over personal things like ex-relationships, and random acts of violence with guns. Also, changes in how crimes are reported have made it easier to keep track of them in more detail, which has led to more incidents being recorded.

Due to random and angry violence, the city has seen a rise in murders, with situations often quickly getting worse and ending in death. The high murder rate in San Antonio is also due in part to the fact that violent crimes like killings, assaults, and robberies happen at much higher rates than the national average.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the fact that San Antonio went from being a cute Texan town to the state’s second-most-crime-filled city is a stark warning of the problems that modern society faces. People in San Antonio are strong, and there is hope that the city can regain its reputation as a safe and welcome place for everyone if everyone works together. But the path ahead is long and hard, and we all need to work together and be dedicated to making the future better and safer for future generations.

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