3 Pennsylvania Cities Among the Most Affordable for Senior Housing

A recent report by Seniorly, an online directory specializing in senior living, has highlighted Johnstown, Scranton, and McKeesport as exceptionally affordable cities for senior housing in the United States.

These cities rank among the 25 U.S. cities with the lowest monthly costs for assisted living, underscoring Pennsylvania’s relatively affordable senior housing options compared to national averages.

Affordable Senior Housing in Pennsylvania

Seniorly’s comprehensive study reveals that the average monthly cost of assisted living across the United States rose to $4,401 in 2023, marking an 8% increase from $4,057 in 2021.

In Pennsylvania, the average monthly cost sits at $4,190, positioning the state 24th in terms of affordability nationwide. This figure reflects a notable 14% increase from the $3,672 average observed in 2021.

Top Affordable Cities in Pennsylvania


  • Rank: 10th most affordable in the U.S.
  • Average Monthly Cost: $2,749


  • Rank: 23rd most affordable in the U.S.
  • Average Monthly Cost: $3,053


  • Rank: 25th most affordable in the U.S.
  • Average Monthly Cost: $3,062

These cities not only offer lower-than-average costs but also provide quality senior living environments, making them attractive options for retirees seeking affordability without compromising on care and amenities.

Other Affordable Cities in Pennsylvania

In addition to the top three cities, several others in Pennsylvania feature prominently on Seniorly’s list of the 200 most affordable places for senior housing. Williamsport, Kittanning, Pittsburgh, and Greensburg are notable mentions, each offering competitive pricing and supportive communities tailored to seniors’ needs.

Increasing Demand for Senior Housing

The report underscores a growing demand for senior housing nationwide, driven by an aging population. With nearly 58 million Americans aged 65 and older, comprising 17.3% of the total population, the need for affordable and accessible senior housing has reached unprecedented levels.

Occupancy rates in senior housing reached 84.4% in late 2023, demonstrating a steady increase despite challenges posed by the pandemic.

National Trends in Assisted Living Costs

Across the country, Seniorly’s findings indicate varied trends in assisted living costs. While costs increased in 30 states, they decreased in 15 and remained stable in six. This fluctuation reflects regional economic factors and demographic shifts influencing senior housing markets nationwide.

Regional Cost Variances

New Hampshire emerges as the most expensive state for assisted living, with an average monthly cost of $8,248, highlighting significant cost disparities across different regions.

In contrast, Louisiana offers the most affordable options at $2,946 per month on average, showcasing considerable variation in senior housing affordability from state to state.


Pennsylvania stands out as a state offering some of the most affordable senior housing options in the United States, with Johnstown, Scranton, and McKeesport leading the affordability rankings.

As the demand for senior housing continues to rise, understanding these regional cost differences becomes crucial for seniors and their families planning for retirement and long-term care.

For more detailed insights into senior living costs and options, visit Seniorly’s website and explore their comprehensive resources on senior housing affordability and quality of life.

By providing affordable and quality senior housing options, Pennsylvania cities like Johnstown, Scranton, and McKeesport exemplify the state’s commitment to supporting its aging population with accessible and dignified living arrangements.

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